EMDR Consultation for EMDRIA Certification & CITs


About Your EMDRIA Approved Consultant:

Kirsti Reese is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and can provide consultation hours for EMDR certification, Consultants-in-Training, and those just interested in better supporting their clients with EMDR. Rooted in authenticity, my consultation style is very similar to my therapy style - tailored to the individual and grounded in interpersonal neurobiology. I specialize in working with complex and developmental trauma across the lifespan through an interpersonal neurobiology lens. Most of my therapy background is centered in knowledge about relational neuroscience, attachment science, systems work, and integrating the body into treatment. In consultation, this means we talk a lot about how to organize EMDR treatment to maximize healing using what we know about neuroscience, attachment, and the brain after complex trauma. I have extensive experience using EMDR with adults and children and can speak to working with both in my role as a consultant.

EMDR CONSULTATION Individual & Group (1)

Current Consultation Rates:
$150/hour for Individual Consultation
$75/hour for Group Consultation


Current Groups:

4th Thursday of the Month @ 10:00 am CDT (11:00 EDT/8:00 am PDT)


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Kirsti Reese is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and offers consultation to therapists seeking EMDR Certification or on an as-needed basis for those curious about how to better support their clients with EMDR. Email her at [email protected] for more information or to schedule your next consultation.



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